Without Farmers, Where Would we Get Food?

South African Farmers Under Siege!

Before we start getting excited about all the special offers on Black Friday, let’s take a look at a more serious day: Black Monday. On Monday 30 October thousands of farmers stood together in protest against the increased levels of brutal acts committed against farmers all over South Africa with devastating results – who is going to feed us if they’re all gone?

Shocking Statistics

According to the South African Police Service (SAPS) there were 74 farm murders between April 2016 and March 2017 – 16 more than the previous year! And this does not include other brutal attacks where farmers have been robbed and viciously assaulted, often left on the brink of death. Although the motives behind these violent conflicts in isolated places range from robbery to work disputes, wage disputes and politics, the outcome is the same: our farmers are being eradicated one by one.

In Solidarity

Imperial Armour calls on the government to start paying attention to this critical problem, and to implement preventative measures. We need more proactive policing, we need them to tackle the socio-economic issues that contribute to the violence, and we need to work together to raise awareness of what is happening in our beautiful country. Let’s stand together and focus on our farmers!



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