We read about the latest school shooting in America or a school stabbing that occurs in Britain and we are horrified. We mourn with these countries as we just can’t understand why this phenomenon occurs. We comfort ourselves by saying that this could never happen in South Africa.

The truth is school violence does occur in South Africa. Fortunately, not the mass shootings that we too often see in the news but the violence that does occur is just as frightening.

The CJCP’s National School Violence Study has recently released shocking statistics. 15.3% of our children have experienced some form of violence at school, most commonly robbery, assault or threats of assault. In fact, if you google school violence in South Africa you are bound to come across some very graphic video’s showing school kids beating up other kids.

As a parent no doubt you are horrified. And you console yourself with the thought that it is not your child that is the victim……. or the bully! Don’t be so sure of this. Its someone’s child.

Well what can we do as parents to protect our children?

The reality is kids learn most of their education at home. Kids observe. How do you deal with rage? Do you lash out or reach for the bottle? Do you practice dialogue, or do you inflict damage?

Kids want to be like us. They will imitate us. If they see you resorting to violence they will resort to violence. If they see you bowing down to a bully, they will be the victim. As much as violence is seldom the answer, we need to equip our children with the tools that they need to survive. Walk away, Engage in dialogue, Seek help, Speak Out. Teach your child that to be a bully is wrong and that whilst they may one day become a victim in a particular situation, they do not have to remain one. The bullies win when we fail to teach our children to speak up – to ask for help. As a parent you can only hope that you child is not part of the 15.3%.

Imperial Armour believes that every child should be taught basic self-defense. As a company, we want to do our part in combating violence in schools. We want to be part of the dialogue – part of the solution. Please contact our sales team should you need to equip your home or your car with any of the basic self-protection tools – Pepper Spray, Baton, Torches.

And as hard it is to comprehend ,our newest range of protective equipment includes Bullet / Stab Proof Children’s Jackets, Bullet / Stab proof Sleeveless Vests for children, Bullet proof School Bags and Rucksacks. In 2017 there were numerous reports of stabbings at schools in South Africa. More and more parents are now requesting us to provide Bullet proof clothing for their children – for them to wear to school and on the farms. The sleeveless vest in particular has become the biggest seller as it is undetectable yet provides the maximum protection for your child.

Imperial Armour – making your security our priority!