Farm attacks – Farmers need protection

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Once again attacks on Farmers are making the news.  Being a farmer in South Africa right now takes a great deal of courage and we at Imperial Armour salute you.

There are two factors contributing to the uncertain future that farmers face.  The call for expropriation of Farm Land without compensation and the continued violence against Farmers.

Every week we read about another attack on a farmer.  It’s just the location and the level of brutality that differs.  Whatever the motive, be in political, racial or economic, we condemn the violence on this sector of our country.

Without farmers, South Africa cannot survive.  Farmers are the unsung heroes of our country, working long hours often for little reward, dependent on the uncertainty of the weather for the success or failure of their crops.  Our hearts go out to the farmers in the Cape who are struggling under the worst drought in recorded history in the area.

According to AgriForum Commercial Farmers are 4.5 times more likely to be murdered than the average South African.  It’s no wonder that some Farmers are looking for solutions which are not solely dependent on the South African police services.  Being part of an active farm watch group, being equipped and receiving military training are all some of the solutions.

For those farmers that have elected to get military training to protect themselves and their families, remember it’s not only the weapon in your hands that keeps you safe.  It’s the clothing that you wear and the equipment that you carry that can make all the difference.

At Imperial Armour our motto is:

Be Prepared

Be Protected

Be Safe

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