COVID-19 – Safety Tips – UPDATE


COVID-19 – Safety Tips – Update

A message to our Clients, Supporters and Friends.

At Imperial Armour, safety is our number one priority – the safety of our clients, staff, friends, family and those most susceptible to COVID-19.

This virus affects not only our health; but has a ripple effect on all aspects of life and business, but we believe that we will best get through this together!

We have taken certain necessary precautions for the difficult time ahead and we ask that you take note of the following:

  • Our Imperial Armor Offices and Factory will be closed from 27 March – 16 April 2020.
  • We cannot manufacture and deliver during this time, but we will be working remotely and thus will be available to respond to your queries and take new orders for deliveries after the Lockdown period.
  • We are able to provide you with estimates for our Body Armour, Riot Gear, Demining and Fire Fighting Suits, Hazmat Suits. Ensure you are the first in line for us to process your orders on our return!

As the COVID-19 threat continues to grow in South Africa, our president has implemented drastic actions to try and ‘flatten the curve’ of the Coronavirus. These actions and requirements affect every member of our country.

Most notably of these is the Nation-wide Lockdown.

Once again in an effort to quell fake news and misinformation here is what the Lockdown means for you and how you can ensure you best manage this process and your time in it.


What Lockdown means

  • The Lockdown will come into full effect on Thursday the 26th of March at Midnight.
  • All South Africans will have to stay at home until midnight on Thursday 16 April 2020. Depending on the results this may be extended by word of our Government.
  • The categories of people exempted from this Lockdown are as follows: Health workers in the public and private sector, Emergency personnel, Security services – such as the police, traffic officers, military medical personnel, soldiers and, Other persons necessary for our response to the pandemic eg.Telecommunications (Internet and Cell phone providers etc.).
  • The Lockdown will be in effect until Midnight on the 16th of April 2020



  • Most shops and businesses will be closing for the duration of the Lockdown.
  • Grocery stores and stores that provide medicine and medical supplies will remain open.
  • You may still leave your house to buy food and medicine especially scripts and other medical necessities.
  • Travelling in must be limited to 1 person per vehicle unless it is an emergency.
  • Safety equipment is needed if you must travel during this time, this means facemasks, gloves etc.
  • Businesses that must remain open will be required to supply employees with a letter stating where they work, the nature of their business and their reason for still needing to be operational.
  • You may not have people over, host braais or parties in this time, the people on your property at the start of the Lockdown will be the people who must remain there for the duration of it.
  • Parents who share custody of a child will need to decide beforehand where the child will be spending the Lockdown as no travel between houses is allowed.
  • Officials will be stationed at roadblocks around the country, if stopped at these roadblocks they can ask for your reason for travel as well as request proof of this ie. Scripts for medicine, Receipts from your shopping, your letter from your work stating your reason for travel etc.
  • Officials can decide to test you for the Virus if they deem it necessary(you are showing symptoms or do not have a valid reason for travel), they may then detain you for the time required for the test results to come back.


Tips for the Lockdown

  • Remain indoors or on your property unless leaving is absolutely necessary, be sure to stock up on nonperishable foods and have any medications or medical supplies you may require regularly on hand to avoid unnecessary trips.
  • DO NOT give in to panic buying as all grocery and medical supply shops and businesses will remain open and remain in supply.
  • Attempting to buy in bulk and resell at exorbitant prices is a criminal offence. Don’t do it.
  • If possible, get some extra board games, cards, books and other things that could provide entertainment during this time.
  • Be thoughtful of your fellow citizens, we are all in this together and if we all follow the rules and regulations set out by the Lockdown we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and save our country from what could be a catastrophe.
  • Avoid Fake news, research before reaction, Do not panic over videos or statements shared on social media or over WhatsApp, always research any information you come across and only listen to updates and rules clearly stated by the Government officials and our President.
  • Remain calm and enjoy the time with your family and loved ones.

This is a trying time for all of us, people are afraid and much of the future is unknown, but together we are stronger and together we can end this outbreak.

Remember to focus on Social Distancing, Practice hygiene, stay calm and collected and unless you absolutely must leave your property, STAY INSIDE.

Follow the instructions of Law enforcement and our President.

Remember to remain calm and courteous when dealing with ANY of your fellow humans, especially authorities and health care workers. Remember that they are people too, are in this situation too and many of them do not have the luxury of being home with their loved ones and they are doing so for us.

We would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we will be doing everything in our means, adapting where necessary, to continue to serve our clients, add value and deliver excellence.

Keep safe and we wish you all the best for the coming days.