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COVID-19 – Safety Tips – UPDATE


COVID-19 – Safety Tips – Update A message to our Clients, Supporters and Friends. At Imperial Armour, safety is our number one priority – the safety of our clients, staff, friends, family and those most susceptible to COVID-19. This virus affects not only our health; but has a ripple effect on all aspects of life […]

COVID-19 – Safety Tips


Corona Virus – Safety Tips In light of the arrival of COVID-19 on South African shores, many have fallen prey to the mass hysteria and fake news plaguing social media platforms and news outlets. In an attempt to do our part to combat this we have written a short article to work as a guideline […]

Are you safe when you wear your bullet proof vest?

Are you safe when you wear your bullet proof vest? Does your bullet proof vest have the necessary protection against your threat level you face on a daily basis?  If the answer is NO, you are putting your life at risk! Imperial Armour provides quality and never cuts corners. We are the experts and will […]

Fire – do’s & don’ts

Beautiful and hypnotic to watch… deadly as it ravages through South Africa’s beautiful landscape, destroying everything in its path. A natural phenomenon Fire causes untold damage and loss of lives to South Africans daily. There are two fire seasons in South Africa.  The deadly dry summer months in the Western Cape that threaten our wine […]


Neighbourhood Watch

Are you ready to take your place? It’s late at night and you are cruising around your neighbourhood in your car flashing your green light – a proud member of your local neighbourhood watch. Suddenly you see movement in front of you but typically the street lights are not working. What do you do? This […]

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