Farm attacks – Farmers need protection

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Once again attacks on Farmers are making the news.  Being a farmer in South Africa right now takes a great deal of courage and we at Imperial Armour salute you.

There are two factors contributing to the uncertain future that farmers face.  The call for expropriation of Farm Land without compensation and the continued violence against Farmers.

Every week we read about another attack on a farmer.  It’s just the location and the level of brutality that differs.  Whatever the motive, be in political, racial or economic, we condemn the violence on this sector of our country.

Without farmers, South Africa cannot survive.  Farmers are the unsung heroes of our country, working long hours often for little reward, dependent on the uncertainty of the weather for the success or failure of their crops.  Our hearts go out to the farmers in the Cape who are struggling under the worst drought in recorded history in the area.

According to AgriForum Commercial Farmers are 4.5 times more likely to be murdered than the average South African.  It’s no wonder that some Farmers are looking for solutions which are not solely dependent on the South African police services.  Being part of an active farm watch group, being equipped and receiving military training are all some of the solutions.

For those farmers that have elected to get military training to protect themselves and their families, remember it’s not only the weapon in your hands that keeps you safe.  It’s the clothing that you wear and the equipment that you carry that can make all the difference.

At Imperial Armour our motto is:

Be Prepared

Be Protected

Be Safe

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Fire Fighters – the heroes amongst us!

Fire fighters are our unsung heroes. We take it for granted that in an emergency we will hear the siren and these gallant gentlemen will race to our rescue.

They certainly do not get enough recognition for the amazing work that they do. They deserve our support and should have the best equipment to enable them to do their jobs.

Too often they don’t have the correct resources. Nine months ago, a large part of the seaside town of Knysna was lost to a devastating fire which raged for days. The sad truth is, that had the fire teams had better equipment, many experts agree that the fire could have been contained far quicker.

The headlines of the local newspaper – The HeraldLive read: Knysna was not prepared. Local Firefighters were not equipped for a blaze of this scale. Quoting a Johannesburg volunteer fireman it was reported that: ‘If the Knysna fire department had had sufficient resources and the right equipment the blaze could have been stopped earlier. What they have is equipment o extinguish veld fires – nothing more. They are struggling because they don’t have the right equipment, and these are guys with more than 100 years of experience between them’.

Further afield the BBC News highlighted the tragedy that befell the Grenfell Towers on the 14th of June 2017 where more than 80 people lost their lives. Low water pressure together with a lack of extended breathing apparatus all contributed to the fact that the firefighters could not get to the upper levels.

Fire Fighters need to be given the most up to date equipment to ensure that not only can they protect themselves, but they can protect the lives and livelihood of the community within which they operate.

Imperial Armour focuses on saving lives by manufacturing to International Standards their flight suites, bunker suits and all accessories critical to fire fighting.
We have recently supplied full fighting gear to 2 recognized volunteer organisations, namely Vetus Schola / Helderberg Fire Watch and Drakenstein Fire / Farm watch in the Western Cape to do exactly that.

The continued drought in the Western Cape means that fires are happening on a far more regular basis and this is putting more lives at risk. Many of the firefighters are volunteers and they continue to put their lives at risk, no matter the danger. Their primary concern is to save lives and livelihoods.

These real-life heroes deserve the best equipment possible. Imperial Armour supplies the best and we are proud of the small contribution that we have made.

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Imperial Armour prides itself on being able to provide for all your needs. From Uniforms to Fire Fighting equipment to Personal protection.

With its proven track record earned over 15 years and with numerous awards under its belt, Imperial Armour stands for quality, service and reliability!

Louisa Garland, the Managing Member of Imperial Armour credits the success of the company to its total commitment to quality. ‘Imperial Armour stands by its promise to deliver exceptional quality products at highly competitive prices to service all the needs of industry’. It’s with this promise in mind that Imperial Armour has branched out to provide Uniforms and accessories.

Imperial Armour’s products include:

  • Hard and Soft Protective Armour
  • Anti-Riot Gear
  • VIP Gear
  • Military and Armed Forces specific equipment
  • Demining
  • Fire Equipment
  • Emergency and Rescue equipment
  • Personal protective gear for children
  • Uniforms – Corporate and Factory


Over the years companies have requested that Imperial Armour service all their equipment and clothing needs. The benefits of this include: Same Quality – Same Color, Excellent Customer Service, Latest products in the market, Total customization according to client’s needs, On-Time service and dealing with one Sales Person who gets to know your business intimately.

In addition, Imperial Armour is an agent for 3 major boot suppliers and is the exclusive agent for Paratech Firefighting equipment made in the USA as well as being the exclusive agent for Blue Eye Tactical Wear made in Australia.

We have the resources, the passion and the desire to be your one-stop-solution to all your equipment and uniform needs.

Join the Imperial Armour family and together we can protect your employees!

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Breaking News

Cape Town – Three pupils were stabbed at Atlantis Secondary School, allegedly by a matriculant, the Western Cape Education Department confirmed on Thursday.

Spokesperson Jessica Shelver confirmed that the injured children were in Grades 11 and 12.

The attack, which took place on Tuesday, is believed to be gang related. 

“The principal reports that, during first break, a shooting occurred in the community just behind the school. At the exact time of the alleged shooting, a Grade 12 learner allegedly attacked three other learners at the school,” she said.

“All three victims were reportedly stabbed in the back. Two learners were stabbed thrice and one learner was stabbed twice.”

The pupils were in a stable condition after being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“The alleged perpetrator fled the premises and did not return to school on Wednesday. Disciplinary action will be instituted against the alleged perpetrator,” Shelver said.

Police were at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday, she confirmed, but none of the injured pupils had yet made formal complaints.

Authorities are, however, looking into the incident.

“The principal addressed the learners on Wednesday and is currently assessing the need for support. Support and counselling will be provided as required for the victims,” Shelver said.

“Gangsterism is a very serious issue plaguing our schools and communities, and it is not a fight that we can tackle alone. As a department, we are trying to work with other departments and spheres of government to tackle this scourge, so that our learners can be protected in every possible way.”



We read about the latest school shooting in America or a school stabbing that occurs in Britain and we are horrified. We mourn with these countries as we just can’t understand why this phenomenon occurs. We comfort ourselves by saying that this could never happen in South Africa.

The truth is school violence does occur in South Africa. Fortunately, not the mass shootings that we too often see in the news but the violence that does occur is just as frightening.

The CJCP’s National School Violence Study has recently released shocking statistics. 15.3% of our children have experienced some form of violence at school, most commonly robbery, assault or threats of assault. In fact, if you google school violence in South Africa you are bound to come across some very graphic video’s showing school kids beating up other kids.

As a parent no doubt you are horrified. And you console yourself with the thought that it is not your child that is the victim……. or the bully! Don’t be so sure of this. Its someone’s child.

Well what can we do as parents to protect our children?

The reality is kids learn most of their education at home. Kids observe. How do you deal with rage? Do you lash out or reach for the bottle? Do you practice dialogue, or do you inflict damage?

Kids want to be like us. They will imitate us. If they see you resorting to violence they will resort to violence. If they see you bowing down to a bully, they will be the victim. As much as violence is seldom the answer, we need to equip our children with the tools that they need to survive. Walk away, Engage in dialogue, Seek help, Speak Out. Teach your child that to be a bully is wrong and that whilst they may one day become a victim in a particular situation, they do not have to remain one. The bullies win when we fail to teach our children to speak up – to ask for help. As a parent you can only hope that you child is not part of the 15.3%.

Imperial Armour believes that every child should be taught basic self-defense. As a company, we want to do our part in combating violence in schools. We want to be part of the dialogue – part of the solution. Please contact our sales team should you need to equip your home or your car with any of the basic self-protection tools – Pepper Spray, Baton, Torches.

And as hard it is to comprehend ,our newest range of protective equipment includes Bullet / Stab Proof Children’s Jackets, Bullet / Stab proof Sleeveless Vests for children, Bullet proof School Bags and Rucksacks. In 2017 there were numerous reports of stabbings at schools in South Africa. More and more parents are now requesting us to provide Bullet proof clothing for their children – for them to wear to school and on the farms. The sleeveless vest in particular has become the biggest seller as it is undetectable yet provides the maximum protection for your child.

Imperial Armour – making your security our priority!


mperial armour - Fire Blog Background

Fire can be mesmerising, and it can be deadly.  It can create new life, but it can also take life.

Our country is in the grips of a drought with parties calling for both the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape being declared disaster areas.

This raises a very important question.  When day zero hits in Cape Town what will the impact be on firefighting?  What happens is you have a fire at home and your water is cut off?

Well so far, the Western Cape government has been quiet on what provisions have been made to counter domestic or industrial fires.  They are however saying that there is no cause to panic and that firefighting crews will be fully equipped to deal with fires.  There is no doubt however that the absence of running water will cause a tremendous problem for communities, companies and domestic households.

It is up to companies to take as many preventative measures as possible.


This means:

  • Ensuring that you have a trained and well equipped on site firefighting team.
  • Did you know that South African legislation requires that 1 per 50 employees and or 2 people per building are required to be trained in basic firefighting?
  • That these employees should be equipped with the correct gear to ensure that they are effective in what they do.

Annually up to 600 South Africans lose their lives to fire every year with up to 4000 people suffering injuries.

Every employer in South Africa should keep the following fire fighting kit on site as a standard.

  • Up to date serviced fire extinguishers
  • Fire suit (for fire fighters)
  • Fire helmet
  • Firefighting gloves
  • Axe
  • Emergency torches


There are difficult times ahead for us as water becomes a very precious commodity.  It is your company’s responsibility to ensure that in the event of a fire or an emergency situation, that you have the necessary trained personnel and equipment.

Contact imperial Armour at to discuss your firefighting needs or visit our website.


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