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Cape Town – Three pupils were stabbed at Atlantis Secondary School, allegedly by a matriculant, the Western Cape Education Department confirmed on Thursday.

Spokesperson Jessica Shelver confirmed that the injured children were in Grades 11 and 12.

The attack, which took place on Tuesday, is believed to be gang related. 

“The principal reports that, during first break, a shooting occurred in the community just behind the school. At the exact time of the alleged shooting, a Grade 12 learner allegedly attacked three other learners at the school,” she said.

“All three victims were reportedly stabbed in the back. Two learners were stabbed thrice and one learner was stabbed twice.”

The pupils were in a stable condition after being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“The alleged perpetrator fled the premises and did not return to school on Wednesday. Disciplinary action will be instituted against the alleged perpetrator,” Shelver said.

Police were at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday, she confirmed, but none of the injured pupils had yet made formal complaints.

Authorities are, however, looking into the incident.

“The principal addressed the learners on Wednesday and is currently assessing the need for support. Support and counselling will be provided as required for the victims,” Shelver said.

“Gangsterism is a very serious issue plaguing our schools and communities, and it is not a fight that we can tackle alone. As a department, we are trying to work with other departments and spheres of government to tackle this scourge, so that our learners can be protected in every possible way.”

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