Why Imperial Uniforms is the company you can trust

Why Imperial Uniforms is the company you can trust:

  1. We pride ourselves with offering customised uniforms
  2. Our uniforms are of the highest quality
  3. We guarantee that the materials that we use do not fade
  4. We ensure the colour shades of your uniforms do not change when new orders are received.
  5. The uniformity of your staff will remain
  6. You will no longer have headaches with buying from 6 different suppliers as we are a one stop shop for uniforms – We will supply all divisions in your company from you cleaning division to top management
  7. Our embroidery is second to none
  8. Stock will be held so no longer will there be the stress of waiting for an order to arrive
  9. Dedicated staff handling our new division

Send your enquiries to sales@imperial-uniforms.com so we can give your pricing!


Here are 5 solid reasons for work uniforms:

  1. Employee pride:

    Employees who wear uniforms report an increased sense of responsibility and pride in the work they do. A uniform implies that they are a valued member of the organisation, trusted to sport their logo and represent the team.

  2. A professional impression:

    Whether it’s right or wrong, we tend to judge people on their appearance. A uniform (with rules on how to wear it) will create a sense of order and continuity across the appearance of all your staff members, helping to reassure clients of a professional product and service. With a uniform, you don’t have to worry about inappropriate or impractical workwear choices!

  3. A sense of belonging:

    Employees who wear a daily uniform report quickly feeling a sense of belonging and community with others in the same gear. Uniforms also have the advantage of bringing all employees onto the same platform, connecting them as equals regardless of how they act (or dress) outside of the office.

  4. Advertising on the go:

    When your employees ‘wear’ your brand, displaying your corporate logo, they take it everywhere with them, before and after work. This can help to increase your brand’s exposure and reach – it’s essentially free advertising.

  5. It’s essential to the job:

    Some professions, especially those in the safety, hazardous work, and protection industries, require that employees wear particular (branded) uniforms and use specialised gear. This is essential to both their own and other’s safety.

Need uniforms for your crew? We can help!

Browse our new uniform range here – our made-to-order uniforms are durable, comfortable, and can be branded with logos.

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