Keep safe from Farm Attacks


Farmers are the foundation on which our country survives, on which our population eats. Yet farmers are under siege with the first two months of the year being declared the bloodiest yet experienced, with more than 30 farm attacks being committed in the month of February alone.

One of the main reasons why farmers are targets is that farms tend to be isolated where police services are far away, contain elderly people and often have weapons stored on site.

What is shockingly becoming associated with farm attacks is the increased level of brutality attached to these attacks. Whether this is politically motivated or not, the fact remains is that farmers have become an increased target with far increased levels of serious assault and murder.

In South Africa the general murder ratio for the population was 34 people per 100 000 in 2015/2016. For the police segment this figure increased to 51 policeman per 100 000 people. Shockingly the statistic for farmers is the highest yet – 97 farmers per 100 000 farmers.

Imperial Armour has elected to declare April to be the Focus on the farmer month. Louisa Garland, Managing Member of Imperial Armour, is committed to offering support and assistance to this critical sector of our community. “The safety of our farmers is critical to the success of our country. To feeding our population and to achieving the type of growth that we need as a nation.” says Garland.

Imperial Armour has designed and launched a specific jacket which is designed exclusively for the Farmer. The bullet proof jacket is quilted throughout and is warm and comfortable to wear, in addition to being water resistant. The company has not compromised on quality as the lives of our Farmers are integral to the Survival of our nation. This multi-purpose jacket provides our farmers with a high level of protection.

At Imperial Armour we acknowledge that the problem of farm attacks is not going to go away easily. That farmers remain a vulnerable segment of the population. As a company we can only add our voice to the call for more proactive policing and urge government to tackle this issue as a critical matter which needs to be addressed at the highest level.

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Giving back to the Community


In South Africa, there are over 9,000 guarding companies plus many more community police forums and more than a 1000 neighbour watches.  Currently, there are over 150 000 active police officers on duty with the number of registered Security guards topping 2 million.

Every day these brave officers and security guards risking their lives to keep us safe in our homes, at our work, on the streets.

Accordingly to the 2015 crime statistics every day in South Africa 49 people are murdered and an additional 48 people are victims of attempted murder.

Imperial Armour has declared 2017 as the year to give back to our community forums.   These people who voluntarily risk their lives to keep us safe.  Many of whom cannot afford to wear body Armour!

Special pricing is given to community forum and at Imperial Armour, we really strive to keep our pricing low. To view our specials please see the following link (Community Specials)

Once we have assessed your threat level we can provide pricing for the appropriate armour and gear that you should keep with you on your patrols.

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Are you safe when you wear your bullet proof vest?


Are you safe when you wear your bullet proof vest?

Does your bullet proof vest have the necessary protection against your threat level you face on a daily basis?  If the answer is NO, you are putting your life at risk!

Imperial Armour provides quality and never cuts corners. We are the experts and will work with you to ensure you have the necessary protection. Please check out our video (AA lightweight body armour vest Vs. The Biggest Baddest Calibres in Town )

This year we have received many requests for stand alone NIJ Level III steel plates which insert into the tactical vest.  The size of the plate is 250mm x 300mm.  The plate is positioned in the plate pocket in the front and back.

Why have we received so many requests?
The main reason being is because it is cost effective, only selling at R1850.00 per vest.   However it must be noted that the area of cover is only 250mm x 300mm.  Where guarding companies are required by law to provide body Armour to their guards, they have a minimum budget

Please also check out our video (Ensure your Body Armour Fits Correctly) and make sure your body armour fits your properly!

In order for Imperial Armour to find the necessary solution for you body Armour, please click and fill in your details below.

Fire – do’s & don’ts


Beautiful and hypnotic to watch… deadly as it ravages through South Africa’s beautiful landscape, destroying everything in its path. A natural phenomenon Fire causes untold damage and loss of lives to South Africans daily.

There are two fire seasons in South Africa.  The deadly dry summer months in the Western Cape that threaten our wine lands and our beautiful Table Mountain and the dry winter months in the rest of the country. The beauty of fire rests in its use to manage veld and forests, to restore grazing, to restore life to a previous barren landscape.  The use of fire is part of the holistic management of the environment in South Africa.

On the other side, uncontrolled wildfires cause billions of Rand of damage each and every year.  And lead to loss of livestock and human life.

Closer to home, fires devastate communities, homes and families.  The South African medical research council estimates that 3.2 % of South Africans – 1.6 million South Africans suffer burns annually caused by fire, with the vast majority of the sufferers coming from our poorer communities.


How many of you know what to do in the event that a fire breaks out in your home?  And more importantly, do you know what to do to safeguard your home from fire?


The leading cause of fires in the home are:

  • Electrical wires and plugs that are damaged and frayed
  • Candles left unguarded
  • Heaters / Electric blankets
  • Coal stoves
  • Cigarettes not properly disposed of
  • Gas leaks
  • Children playing with matches
  • Stove plate left on
  • Braai fires left unattended


As a start to safeguard your home never leave an open flame unguarded.

  • Dispose of your cigarette butts properly and make sure that it is out.
  • Teach children the dangers of playing with matches.
  • Always replace frayed cords and check your plugs to make sure that they are in good condition.
  • Install fire alarms throughout your house (as a minimum you should install one in the kitchen)
  • Have a fully serviced and tested small fire extinguisher – to keep in your home and your car.
  • Make sure that everyone in your family knows the fire emergency number: 10177


Do Not:

  • Try and put an oil fire out with water
  • Enter a room that is on fire or open a closed door of a room suspected to be on fire.
  • Never re-enter a burning building


  • Get out of the house or building as soon a possible
  • When exiting a room filled with smoke stay low to the ground
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth
  • Make sure that everyone is out of the home
  • Raise the alarm!
  • Call the Fire Department – even for small fires that may still continue to smoulder
  • If someone has been injured only put water on the burns and try and remove any tight clothing. Immediately call an ambulance.


Keep protected with imperials Latest Product : Wildland Fire Suit


Neighbourhood Watch

Are you ready to take your place?

It’s late at night and you are cruising around your neighbourhood in your car flashing your green light – a proud member of your local neighbourhood watch.
Suddenly you see movement in front of you but typically the street lights are not working. What do you do?
This is a question that more and more people are facing. People who are good neighbours. People who are electing to be part of the solution by joining their neighbourhood watch programmes.
Driving around the streets with the green light flashing can make you feel good about yourself. You are actively electing to be part of the solution. It would be a real pity if you became part of the statistics because you did not know how to respond to a potential threat or did not carry the right equipment.

Visit Imperial Armour website – Imperial Armour Online to make sure that you have the right gear.

Do not be a dead hero – rather be a live prepared Survivor, who is making a difference.

Neighbourhood watch programmes have become part of the South African Landscape and have been proven to significantly reduce crime in an area where they are set up. Statistics have shown a steep reduction in crime in an area running a well-organised and active neighbourhood watch programme.
Good neighbourhood watch programmes work hand in hand with the SAPS and Armed response Security companies. Serving as an early warning system members of neighbourhood watches are the eyes on the ground. Neighbourhood watch members are NOT vigilantes. Rather they are there to monitor, patrol, and report and to assist where required.
Neighbourhood watch programmes promote community spirit and care in a community. After all, it is the people living in the community playing an active role in caring for the community.
It is vital that you yourself don’t become a statistic. You promised your wife, your husband, and your child that you would come home safe.

Do you have?

• A heavy duty torch
• Baton
• Handcuffs
• Pepper Spray
• Reflective Jacket and or Protective Vests
• Appropriate identification?

If not, please visit Imperial Armour website. We offer significant discounts to legitimate members of Neighbourhood watches.

Remember: We do not advocate confrontation or vigilantism. That is not the role of Neighbourhood watch members.

Be vigilant – Be prepared – Be safe – Stay Alive.

Imperial Armour – working together with the community to make South Africa safer.

Have you heard about our new AA lightweight body armour vest?

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene AA lightweight vest

Trademarked as the world’s strongest fibre, Imperial Armour is pleased to announce the launch of its new AA lightweight body armour vest, made with Polyethylene fibre.

When one thinks of armour immediately your mind jumps to images of knights wearing very uncomfortable bulky suits of armour.  Surely nothing can be stronger?  Well the reality is that through many years of research scientists have manufactured synthetic fibres which are much stronger than metal.  Military organisations, law enforcement and leading private security company are now using synthetic fibres to protect lives and equipment.  One of its key selling points is that Body Armour manufactured with polyethylene fibre is that it offers the same level of protection with far less weight to carry around.

The fibre is made up of Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (called DCZ)This is an exciting innovation in body armour as it is a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made.


  • High Strength
  • Super Light-Weight
  • Flexible
  • Water repellent
  • Highly resistant to any corrosive chemicals
  • Its fitted with a molle system which allows you to place the modules where you wish
  • Comfortable breathable mesh


The Imperial Armour vest can be customised to fit all sizes.  It has Velcro on the back for your logo placement and has quick release buckles for a comfortable fit.

Most importantly the vest protects against NIJ Level 11 (347 and 9mm) armour.

Stylish, affordable and life-protecting… can you afford to be without it?

On special until the 31st of December 2016 at a launch price of R2600 per vest.


AA Lightweight Body Armour Vest


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